According to KTSM-TV, an 18-wheeler truck accident involving several other vehicles recently closed all lanes of I-10 West and East near El Paso, Texas.

The accident occurred on Thursday, October 19 near Transmountain Road, a major thoroughfare. Two people were injured, one with life-threatening injuries. According to local authorities, the concrete barriers surrounding the road were seriously damaged and are now under repair. A hazmat team also had to be called in to contain a spill of dangerous diesel fuel.

Texas Truck Accidents Are on the Rise

Wrecks involving multiple 18-wheelers are becoming increasingly common in Texas. Just last month, four individuals were killed when two semi-trucks created a pileup with passenger cars in the Fort Worth area.

That accident is still under investigation, and police are unsure if anyone will face charges.

As any Texas driver knows, the state’s roads are becoming increasingly congested with 18-wheelers, oversize load trucks, delivery trucks, and more. The number of accidents and fatalities is also up sharply. A recent study of federal transportation data shows that Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston are among the 10 most dangerous places to drive in the nation—and statistics released by the Texas Department of Transportation since that time show that the state’s highway deaths jumped more than 7% between 2019 and 2020 and more than 15% between 2020 and 2021.

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