Looking for a trichloroethylene lawyer? Earlier this week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed banning the chemical, which can cause sudden death, kidney cancer, neurological damage, and other serious health problems.

TCE Is Used in a Long List of Consumer Products

TCE is widely used in a variety of consumer products, including automotive brake cleaners, refrigerants, carpet cleaners, degreasers, and furniture care items. The EPA estimates as much as 250 million pounds of TCE is still produced in the United States annually.

The chemical first became a concern in the town of Woburn, Massachusetts, where it was linked to contaminated drinking water and where a related lawsuit led to the book and movie “A Civil Action.”

Two locations near Woburn were designated as Superfund sites, forcing the polluters responsible for the contamination to perform cleanups or reimburse the federal government for EPA-managed cleanup work.

“With this rule, we can see a future where we will no longer be manufacturing, processing and distributing a chemical known to be deadly,” Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey told The Associated Press. “We will no longer be exposing American families, communities and workers to a toxic chemical legacy that leaves questions, cancer and catastrophe in its wake.”

Are You or a Loved One Looking for a Trichloroethylene Lawyer?

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  • $119 Million Mining Contamination Class Action
    Roach Law Firm Partner Nelson J. Roach recovered $119 million for roughly 7,000 Oklahomans in an environmental class action accusing defendants Phelps Dodge Corporation and its parent company, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc., of failing to properly address lead, arsenic, and cadmium contamination in the town of Blackwell, Oklahoma.
  • $47 Million Red River Army Depot Toxic Tort Litigation
    Roach Law Firm Partner Nelson J. Roach recovered $47 million for workers and families at the Red River Army Depot in Northeast Texas. The plaintiffs suffered from diseases caused by exposure to rubber products in the workplace.
  • $730 Million Truck Accident Verdict
    In 2021, Roach Law Firm Partner Nelson J. Roach won $730 million in a case arising from a Texas truck accident, the fourth-largest jury verdict in the United States and third-largest in Texas that year. The case was filed by the family of East Texas resident Toni Combest, a 73-year-old great-grandmother who was killed in a collision with an oversize-cargo truck hauling a propeller for a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine.

Next Steps

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